About Sunny Mavor, MS, LCPC, MFT


Like you, I've experienced many big losses, including losing my mom to cancer when I was in my teens.  My family didn't 'do' grief, and I grew into adulthood thinking that I just needed to 'get tough and move on'. It didn't work.

Perhaps that's why I changed careers and became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist. I studied Marriage and Family Therapy at Montana State University, with an additional year of graduate studies in the Spirituality, Health and Medicine program at John Bastyr University.

Over the years, I've studied and practiced many techniques for helping hundreds of individuals and through relationship challenges, trauma, depression and losses of all kinds. But I have to say that the Grief Recovery Method ® is truly one of the most powerful methods of moving through and beyond  loss that I've ever seen. It's absolutely unique in its action-and results-based approach, and it provides powerful and long-lasting relief from the loneliness of unresolved, unfinished  losses.  

I'm fortunate to be married to my best friend, and in my free time, I like to hike, bike, paddle and travel. Even though I love my work, right now I don't have a private practice - all I do is teach, and I love it.