Isn't it time you felt like yourself again?

Thinking about your relationship?

Can you answer most of these with YES . . .

(. . . or is it time for a tune-up?)

  • You communicate well, even in tough times
  • You trust your partner
  • Your partner is there for you when you need them
  • You feel safe, physically and emotionally
  • Your partner makes time for you
  • You enjoy each other's company, yet support time apart as well
  • You can each finish a disagreement without shutting down or walking away
  • You take time together to just be a couple
  • You parent and discipline the kids well together
  • You can discuss money challenges without fighting
  • Your partner is excited for you when something goes right
  • You feel understood and heard when something goes wrong
  • You and your partner avoid contempt or unkind teasing
  • You're not boiling with resentment
  • You feel supported in your life dreams and goals
  • Your intimate life is satisfying to both of you
  • You feel safe enough to tell your partner about something tough in your past 
  • When you're upset, you want to turn toward your partner and know you'll feel supported
  • When you have a tough conversation, each of you works hard to avoid defensiveness or criticism 
  • You have fun and play well together