Isn't it time you felt like yourself again?


The Grief Recovery Method®

Will it Help? Can I Really Move Beyond this Loss?

Everyone experiences grief differently. And grief isn't just due to a death in the family - you may be grieving the loss of a relationship, a job, a pet, a job or any other loss.

Grief is an absolutely normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. When we're grieving -- and everyone has losses -- we can end up feeling numb, depressed, angry or tired. We may have trouble concentrating. Loved ones may tell us we're in 'denial', we need medication or that we just need to 'be strong' and 'buck up'. People may say that 'time will heal'.  Well-meaning friends can try to help by saying "I know exactly how you feel"...when, actually, they don't really know.

Founded over 35 years ago, the Grief Recovery Method® works on the principle that unresolved grief is about unfinished emotional communications...that's why we get stuck feeling sad, lonely and incomplete.  The Grief Recovery Method® is the only program I've found that gives us clear, effective steps to regain our hopes and dreams.

Isn't it time to feel your joy again?

The purpose of the Grief Recovery Method® is to support you to rediscover the ability within yourself to transform the quality of your life.