Grief Recovery Method® classes

What is the Grief Recovery Method®?

Grief Recovery Method® classes have been offered for almost 40 years - over 500,000 people on six continents have experienced this powerful method.  I completed this program and felt absolutely transformed by this experience. I believe you will, too.

I know, the idea of attending a class when you're hurting might seem like a tough plan. Grievers often want to be alone, to process their hurt in private.  But you are not alone - everyone has losses to explore and to move beyond.

We'll meet  for 1-1/2  hours once a week for 8 weeks. There are several commitments I'll ask you to make - only because I want you to be successful. You'll commit to being completely honest with yourself, and to be a great listener.  You'll need to come every week, bring  your homework and vow to keep everything others say in class confidential.  We'll meet in a safe and supportive place: sometimes you'll be working alone, with a partner or group discussions. 

Don't worry, this isn't just a place to cry.  We laugh a lot in class, too. And I'll be with you every step of the way.