Isn't it time you felt like yourself again?

Sunny Mavor, MS, LCPC
in Bozeman and ONLINE!

What is counseling?

I believe that counseling is truly the best gift you can give yourself. Many times in our lives we are handed obstacles. Sometimes a difficulty,  past or present, might feel like a crisis ... and yet, it can also be a time of opportunity.  

Choosing to work with an experienced counselor is a decision to allow yourself time to reflect, time to grow through life's challenges ... time to build new skills, and to learn new ways of managing difficult relationships, painful emotions or confusing times.

Counseling is sometimes called 'talk therapy', but it's so much more. Taking the time to sit down with a skilled therapist allows you to choose the life you've always wanted to live, to have the kinds of relationships you deserve and to feel good about having boundaries.  You'll find that you can move forward with wisdom and renewed commitment to the future you want.